To Create a New Transaction:

  1. Open the Workbench and expand your project, then the Bridging node. Right-click on a Transaction Configuration beneath the Transactions node, then click on Add Transaction, as shown below.

Adding a New Transaction in the Project Explorer in the Workbench




Select a Transaction Configuration beneath the Transactions node, then click on the Add Transaction button (shown below) in the Edit section of the Home ribbon in the Workbench.


Add Transaction Button

  1. This opens the Transaction Properties, shown below, beneath the Project Details section of the Workbench. Enter a name in the Transaction Name text entry field.

Transaction Properties


3. The Transaction Properties are separated into the Transaction Settings, Triggers, and Alarm Subscriptions tabs.

Transaction Settings Tab

General Settings

Transaction Template

Advanced Settings


Triggers Tab in the Transaction Properties


Specify the list of tags that can trigger a transaction execution

Alarm Subscriptions Tab

Alarm Sources Tab in the Transaction Properties

Alarm Settings

Alarm Subscription

Note: See Directly Subscribe to Alarms and Events.

  1. You can click Apply to save your transaction properties and Close to return to the Workbench. Your new transaction will now appear in the Project Explorer, beneath your previously selected Transaction Configuration node.

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