Application Modes

In order to make GraphWorX64 easier to use, you can place the program into different application modes for configuration. What you see in the Properties, Dynamics, and Preferences tabs is dependent upon the mode that you are in. In most instances you will want to be in Standard mode as it contains perhaps 90% of the controls that you will want to work with. In a small number of cases or for advanced use the Advanced mode will show all of the properties exposed by GraphWorX64 to users on the Properties tab and the Dynamics tab. GraphWorX64 can be configured in three different user-selectable application modes:


Accessing Application Modes:

  1. Within GraphWorX64, select the View tab located above the Home ribbon.
    This opens the View ribbon.

  2. Select the Application Mode drop down menu located in the Misc section on the ribbon.

  3. From here, select the Mode that best suits your needs.

To switch between application modes:

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